Posted on: November 22, 2009 5:59 pm

Should TCU be National Champs?

I knew LSU was overrated and now with the loss to Ole Miss they have proved it. As a matter of fact I think the whole SEC is over rated. The best team in college football beleive it or not is TCU. There is not a college in the top 10 that is not paranoid to play these guys. I think they would give Florida, Arkansas or Texas  all they could handle. They are a balanced team that plays all areas of the game well.(their kicking game is a little suspect). Their team is full of cast off runningbacks and athletes that have been turned into defensive animals. The offence can score by running or throwing the football, and is downright scary. These guys are a legitimite contenders for the National Championship and should be given a shot at it, in all fairness.
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Posted on: April 1, 2009 1:56 pm
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 Hi out there folks I have been offered a trade and seek everyones advice as I am new to fantasy baseball. I am in a 10 team, head to head NL/AL fantasy baseball league. I have to start 2 active RP. My current RP are Chad Qualls, and Jason Motte. My bench of reserves consists of Derek Lee 1B, Mike Lowell 3B and Corey Hart RF. As of now my 2 bench pitchers are BJ Ryan RP and Zack Greinke SP. I have been thinking of adding depth at my RP position considering the rough spring BJ Ryan has had. I have been offered the following trade. Jonathan Broxton RP for Derek Lee 1B, should I pull the trigger and accept this trade? Any feedback would be great, help me.


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